A Dream in Paradise

My very first solo piano CD is based on true events, it’s about a dream that became reality.

My Love, Annelies Wetzelaer, and I have always longed for a quiet place to call our own. Not knowing it from each other at the time, we were each secretly dreaming about living off the land in a self-sufficient lifestyle. After finding out we have this dream in common, we started our search.

It all happened on a sudden day, when Annelies and I were out on a date, my parents called me. “What do you think about Hungary?”, they asked. So my Love and I started researching and it all looked very promising.

We found beautiful houses online and went to Hungary to take a look and we immediately fell in love with all of Hungary; and especially the place that felt like coming home.

Before we knew it, me, Annelies and our two little puppies are living our dream in paradise.

If you want to know more about our Dream and Paradise, click here!

A Dream in Paradise

The first song is about the dream that became reality. So about the joy, excitement and happiness you experience when you are right where you need to be.

About the choices we make and that we have the means to plan everything just the way we want it.

But also about our family whom we need to miss for longer periods of time and the difficulties moving to another country and being in an unfamiliar culture.

Reminiscing Sweetness

I wrote this song before we moved to Hungary, but the feeling it brings is perfect for this CD.

When I wrote this song, I was trying to capture the feeling you have when you are remembering something good, sweet and delicate.

This was also the feeling we got when we first set foot here, a familiar and assuring feeling just like coming home after a long day of work.

So we are remembering it as we are creating it; truly magical :)


Suddenly is a song about that magical switch we all know and have experienced, a switch that once it's turned on, it changes everything 180°.

The feeling like nothing can go wrong, or it just doesn't matter; where everything falls into place, where stress just drops and sips into Mother Earth.

This was the feeling I had when I met the Love of my Life, Annelies.

After a while, insecurities or such may start to creep back, this is when you will know and notice the placement of the switch, and when you flip it yourself, you will suddenly find real peace.

Flowers in her Hair

This is one of my personal favorites. The title was invented by my Love Annelies, and as she mentioned it I got a vision of her dancing in our lovely garden wearing a circlet of flowers, spinning around without any worries while flower petals are falling down all around.

I imagined it to be Spring, and I swear I can hear her sing and dance to the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of her heart, the rhythm of Love and Peace.


Serenity is a feeling we all know and Love. When we feel it, we can forgive anything, we feel understanding and compassion, Love and Peace.

Unfortunately, this feeling is very fragile and can't last all of the time. This is when we start living in our head again and think of many unwanted things and feel uncomfortable.

Serenity is when we can let this go and start living with our heart again...

In the Moment

Like the title may reveal, this song came to me when I was truly in the moment and feeling every part of that moment.

This made it easier to translate the feeling, understand it and capture it.

It is that moment when you really know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

When you go to work whistling and don't care if anyone notices you.

You just feel happy and it feels so right that you want to share it with everyone without forcing it upon anyone.

Cosy Together

In this song I wanted to portray the feeling me and my Love have when we cuddle up close together, with or without a fireplace.

This is the feeling of Love, Trust, Peace, Understanding, Safety and Unity.

When you can just let yourselves go and drift off together into the ether with bliss and Love in your heart; caring about nothing except that very moment with each other, truly feeling each other, enjoying each other's soul, warmth, physically and emotionally and feeling eternal.

Kind Emotions

Kind emotions is originated from the heart. It has everything to do with Compassion, Empathy and Love. This is when you feel kind emotions towards everyone, even though sometimes someone says or does nasty things to you, but you know that person still needs to deal with their own internal suffering.

But unfortunately, this kindness is so fragile in these times full of negative stress, that it can be easily derailed. This is why it is best to practice these feelings and empower yourself through mindfulness, meditation or simply by cutting on the mental brainwash you are feeding yourself; so you enjoy these kind emotions more and more.

Wagging Tales

This song ignited with our two lovely puppies Kato and Milla :) when they were both staring at me while sitting down and wagging their tails, this is where the intro and outro comes from.

The chorus is inspired by seeing them playing with each other, which is really wonderful to look at :)

After this they will get tired and start slowing down, until they finally just lay themselves down anywhere they please (they prefer our lap or our clothes laying around).

As suddenly as they fall in deep rest, just as fast they jump back up and start running their tails off again.

These are some of the tales of our two little puppies.

Dear Mama... Thank you!!!

This song I wrote for one of the most amazing people in my life, the first woman in my life that I will love forever, my mom.

I wrote this song for mother's day, just after my parents sponsored us and made it possible to live our dream in paradise.

I wanted to let her feel the Peace and homelyness she brings, her cares and unconditional Love.

All she has done for me, all what she tried to protect me from, the Love she gives and the feeling we share.

Dear Mama... Thank you!!!

Wedding Dance

We are married :)

And as the title may reveal, the song is about our wedding dance.

I wrote the song prior to our wedding, and was imagining my Lovely bride in her beautiful wedding dress as we are filled with Joy, happines and Love, as the only two people in the universe spiraling and dancing among the stars.

And so it went and even better :)

It absolutely was one of the most beautiful days of my life, alongside with the day I met Annelies.

She is so magical in every aspect of her existence, that she may possibly have put a spell on me ;)

I really Love her with every fibre of my heart and every sprinkle of my soul :)

Finally Coming Home

When we came here to look at houses for sale, we immediately fell in Love with our Home.

The way it looked, the feeling we got, its surroundings, it all felt so familiar, peaceful and Homely.

So the decision was easily made. The biggest minor is that our family will be a long drive from home. But we are very fortunate to live with the existence of the internet to communicate with everyone. And also to find our place, a small cosy house, a big fruity garden and when we look into the future we can easily imagine our trees, bushes and berries we planted, turning into a beautiful secret garden.

Every time when we are in our garden or cuddling on the couch,  we feel we are in the right geological location of this beautiful planet...

It just feels like home :)

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