Through the Darkness

Through the Darkness is where you go in times when you are not fully able to perceive the light. In these times of pain, fear, sorrow and loss, you will find that hope shines brighter than ever, even when it might be hard to find.

This is why you should surrender to your present feelings because when you let go things will start moving again and therefore, the darkness has a chance to pass.

Lonely Nights

I want to dedicate this song to everyone who was or is lonely during these difficult times. Like many tracks on this album, the first song is based on feelings in times when I was very lonely. I lived by myself and the only thing I was looking forward to was the weekend when our family came together at my grandparents' house for dinner. The rest of the week, I was just lonely. These feelings I tried to capture, as well as the endurance, hope and inner strength it takes to keep going during these lonely nights.

Barely There

Sometimes, when you are down and hurt, you can be physically present but your feelings are not.

I have had many times when I was barely there/here in the present. Yet, when you are in this state, there suddenly comes a glimpse of what it is you truly want; it will look magnified. Unfortunately, it is very easy to slip back into this pit in which you were roaming.
This song is just about that: the fact of being barely around. 

Desperate Times

This song is about the current situation that we are all going through right now. 
In these desperate times, where hope may seems far away, you can still be sure that a resolution is on the way. This song is very tiring to play for the right hand because it is a continues flood of notes which will only end once all of it has passed. Once we all know the truth and all stand together for Love, balance and Freedom, everybody will witness the glory and beauty of this wonderful planet we all share brighter than ever...

Safer than Tomorrow

The main melody and essence of this song I also wrote a long time ago when times for me weren't easy and it's about being around my grandmother. She was always ready to help anyone with anything and it seemed that everyone who was around her was happy and at ease. So when I was sad and lonely, I was longing for that time; the time that was safer than tomorrow.

Painful Memories

Everyone has memories they wish to forget or just delete. Things that have been done to you, things that you have done... Unfortunately, things can't be unseen, therefore it is also wise to be mindful of what you are feeding your brain. But all of this pain, fear, sorrow, doubt or guilt shouldn't keep you locked in that mindset forever. The events that happened will always be there in the back of your mind, so the only thing you can do when they show up is to observe them. Observe them again and again until you are bored of watching them. This song is about observing these Painful Memories and when you are done, transforming them into something different. You are not your past, but your present self, the one you wish to be!

Before the Storm

Before the storm..., you know that it's coming but there is nothing you can do about it. No choices can be made to change what is going to happen. The only thing you can do is prepare and brace yourself. You know it eventually will be over but you also know that the worst is yet to come and this, you can feel in the air. That is what this song is about, the silence...

Afraid to let Go

We all know the feeling of being stuck and strangely don't want to let go. Although it might hurt, your (self) pity keeps you in that moment. This is also what keeps us human; it's because of pity that we know what we or someone else wants. So having pity is actually having power, real inner strength, because it is hope. So believe, especially if you want to see things differently. It is okay to stay and linger, just don't forget your pity, your hope, your true inner strength and make yourself ready to let it go.

Round and Round...

Round and round, again and again, more and more. It just keeps on coming/going on, you might wish it would settle down or even just for a second wait for you, but it's already out of your control. So the only thing left to do is to go with the flow, to dance on its needs and to sing under the moonlight; why not try to make the best out of it?

Lost and So Alone

The melody I've composed a long time ago in the form of an instrumental beat. It was when I noticed that my boss from work constantly needed to hire and fire people against his will; big boss's orders. I felt his pain and stress which wasn't healthy for him or anyone and noticed the connection worldwide. So many people are being forced to do even way more horrible things against their own will and the will of the person they are doing it to. I never felt so Lost and Alone here on our planet, in our galaxy.

Through the Dark

This song is about when you are lost in the dark on a road while not knowing where you are going. You are just going, witnessing things as they occur for better or worse, but still the worse doesn't actually seem to be worse, just evenly dark and passing by. The light you do notice but as fast as it flashes by, it passes and you just keep going Through the Dark on your search for the way out.

Raining Down

In the beginning of the song, you wil notice it is starting to rain, but as the song progresses you will soon see that it is a storm you are stuck in; a mental one. Just like anything in life, nothing can be stable all of the time and so, a storm also knows ups, downs, lefts, rights, backs and forwards unil at a certain moment it reaches its relative peak where you will be forced to stay a while and just wait it out. So near the end, you will reach a climax that as fast as it came suddenly disappears into the distance.

Alone in the End...

This song is added at the very end when I was just about to send my album to distribution, but then the unexpected happened, a friend passed on. This song is a dedication to the Gypsy Astronaut, a talented artist who really loved working and being all by himself. Accompanied by Nietsche and Socrates (his cats) he worked hard in his own way, on his own pace, by his own rules; nobody had any control on him whatsoever. Although he loved being, working and exploring by himself, nobody would have thought and wished he would be Alone in the End...
Have a nice journey, my friend!

Still Holding On

When you feel you need to hold on for dear life even when you wish to just stop, when you are hanging on the edge but the ground is nowhere to be found beneath your feet, when you are exhausted but you feel it is best to go just a little further, when no one is around but the job must be done, when you know what is coming but feel it is your duty or purpose to finish it, when you won't give in because you think you just cant't give up, then you are Still holding On.

You Can Let Go!

This song is also dedicated to a friend we lost too soon. When we were just about to move to Hungary, almost three year prior to the release of this album, Jurgen left this world in a very tragic way. We really can't imagine the torment he must have been through and therefore I have this message:You Can Let Go! and go where you deserve to be, wherever your road takes you. This is also a message for anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation, there is always another way, You Can Let Go! of what it is that is keeping you down! And hold on to Life, Love, your joys and the things that make you smile. Find your place, ask for help, we all deserve it! Because everything is Special and so are you!

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