The body is what makes us navigate on Earth. If it is not healthy, we will no longer be able to move freely.


Our soul is what fuels our desires, which without we are nothing, and thus not capable of anything.

The mind creates the earthly life we experience. If it's  not healthy, we will start living in an alternate reality.

Our mind is the control room/the processor for interpreting the world around us and giving us the illusion of what this means to us.

But our minds can be influences and tricked very easily. Therefore, it is mandatory that we keep our mind and thoughts focused on where we want them to go, so we know we are really choosing our own path.

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Our mind is a part of our body, therefor what happens to the body will affect the mind. It is also mandatory to keep our body healthy if we wish to life a truly happy life. Our body is an extension of our true self, and if we are lucky, we are able  to express ourselves however we want. Health is a goal never accomplished so we must keep our mind and body true to our true selves; what do you desire?

Our soul, our spirit is what keeps us moving forward to our personal goals/ to our love.

It is pure energy, passion, willpower and hope we generate from this. Because these are our desires, this is our true self, our soul.

Tijs Ven

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