I'm moving out!

Due to certain circumstances I am moving out of my current website into a new one :) The good, the bad and the necessary all have a part in this but overall not much is going to change. My website will still have the same name (my name) and the same webaddress: tijsven.com

However, due to the short notice, there will also be a short interruption inbetween the site's transition. Therefore, I would advise you to already subscribe to my new site which currently is: https://tijsven.bandzoogle.com/ At last, in one month, the webaddress will again be tijsven.com.

I hope you like changes (as if we currently don't have enough of these already). But it all will be for the greater good, as long as we keep growing toward each other with Understanding, Compassion, Hope and Love. And remember that everything is Special and YOU are a part of it!

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