Love and Remembrance

I wish you a blessed All Saints Day, to remember and give thanks to the ones we lost as well as to give hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. This why I chose to release my new album 'Through the Darkness' today, on the 1st of November. On this album are two songs dedicated to loved ones we lost too soon as well as a semi-remembrance song which takes me back. Most songs are from a time when the light came through so poorly it was very hard to manage, yet still it was there and even more noticeable when you find yourself in the darkness. Also, the song 'Desperate Times' is dedicated to everyone on this planet in the present time where we are all being forced and tested. Love is the answer, because its frequency is what heals and it will unite us again without exception. More About each individual song you can find on my website. Everything is Special and You are a part of it!

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