Officially Married :)

Last Friday, on the 19th of July, me and my incredible wife Annelies Wetzelaer Ven finally got married :)

We have been very blessed to have the chance to get married in our own piece of paradise called home. In our own garden we vowed and promised each other what we have planned all along in our mind, heart and soul, to be there for one another, with no conditions.

It was not easy getting the paperwork all together as a foreigner here in Hungary, and we actually only knew one week beforehand that our planned and requested wedding date was accepted and we were allowed to get married.

But with a lot of Love and help from our Hungarian parents, everything went as it was meant to be; so now I am very happy and proud to be able to call Annelies Wetzelaer my wife :)

Soon I will be adding some pictures from our wedding to the private collection of my site, so be sure to check back or subscribe to the newsletter.

Many thanks and Love to everyone who made it possible and supported us on both our weddings.


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