Tijs Ven - A Dream in Paradise - Solo Piano CD Album Cover

My very first solo piano CD is based on true events, it’s about a dream that became reality.

Me and my wife, Annelies Wetzelaer, have always longed for a quiet place to call our own. Not knowing it from each other at the time, we were each secretly dreaming about living off the land in a self-sufficient lifestyle. After finding out we had this dream in common, we started our search...

Through the Darkness background cover

Coming Soon

Through the Darkness

My second solo piano album is a very sad one.
Also based on personal experiences, it is filled with sadness, grief, despair but also with hope, courage and love.

I will share my stories about the good, the bad and the things you actually don't want to experience. 
Yet these are all stories we know and need to go through, hence the title of the album:
Through the Darkness.

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