When you live a spiritual life, you will soon notice that every time you are connected with the source you will feel happy or even blissed;

Love is the ultimate vibration, and has the power to heal. The opposing frequency is the one we mostly see on TV, and it is fear. In nature this means fly or die, but when we keep destroying this mechanism and keep being thrilled, the body will take on this frequency.

Everytime you thrill yourself, you will create roads in your mind where the energy will go to..

Don't create roads where you don't want to go!

It is only once you know where it comes from, that you can choose to do something about it

 Like a tree,

just being

 is the key...

One of the most beautiful things in life is to notice someone is happy to see you

~Tijs Ven~

Everyone has felt this ultimate vibration many times, it is the frequency of life itself.
The energy that creates life as it keeps resonating in it's own torsion field, the frequency that all of us Love, for it is the frequency of Love itself!

Unconditional Love

the All


Total Relaxation

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